Just about May!

So you know what time it is!  May Challenge time!

We are working legs this month…our arms are tired from April (just kidding…work those arms in May too!) so let’s get to lower body!

legs challenge, monthly challenge, workout at home

So if you’d like to join us and want some accountability, let me know!  I’d love to have you…

And, with the start of May comes the end of April deals!  Don’t miss out!  I’m also giving prizes through May 1st for anyone who becomes a coach, purchases a Challenge Pack (a program plus Shakeology…including those on April deals!) or Shakeology on home direct!

Photo Apr 25, 7 46 34 PM

I have a vacation tips post in the works…not all fitness related tips!  I know, I talk a lot about health and fitness! But this is more about staying on track in life in general while away.  Because it’s about living an overall good life!

Happy Monday!!

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