My Shopping List

I made this to share in my accountability groups, but you’re going to get it as well!

This is a super simple list – I cook nothing fancy! Sometimes fruits and vegetables get switched out (lately, more broccoli!) and fish gets added too (my husband hates when I even cook fish!).  But this is a representative base of a typical shopping trip for me.

A few things to note…my husband and daughter do eat things on this list, but it is not a list for all of us.  This is just me.  Also, I am not currently following the 21 Day Fix eating plan while doing Body Beast, but take off the Quest bars and it’s a Fix list.  I eat less carbs on the 21 Day Fix, so I probably wouldn’t be buying all of the grains on the 21 Day Fix, unless I wanted a lot of variety.

21 day fix shopping list, body beast shopping list,

So, what do you think?  How does this compare to what’s on your list?

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