It’s already March 8th.  The clocks have changed for those who participate in daylight savings time.  I was up at 4, which completely felt like the 3am it actually was!

Before drinking my preworkout this morning!

Before drinking my preworkout this morning!

And here I haven’t updated you on the March promotions yet!  You know I love a sale!  So here goes…

First, and likely most exciting!  Beachbody workouts are now on demand!


You can stream workouts from any device with a Club Membership, which includes $1500 worth of programs!   It also gives you 10% off of other products.  Here’s a video where I demonstrate it on my iphone and tell you a bit more!   I had a preview of it, so I’ve been using the streaming service for about a month.  I’ve loved trying out workouts I otherwise wouldn’t have.

The Club Membership is now available with starting Shakeology…a great deal to try out the two together!  If you travel for work, don’t have time to get to the gym, aren’t sure what program you want to try, or basically have any other excuse, this might be for you!  There are 11 complete programs available currently, and some workouts from other programs.  It’s a great way to try a bunch!  You can also get the club membership alone…it works out to just $2.99 a week!

Now, with the other March deals, you get a 30 day free trial to the Club Membership!  So you can get a program and still play to see what’s next!  Or, get the 3-Day Refresh pack (one of the March deals) to jumpstart your results with the streaming workouts!  I loved this program and it surprised me with how easy it was to follow and how I wanted to stay on track after.  The other two this month are T25 (25 minute workouts that work you from tip to top) and TurboFire (dancey kickboxing…super fun and effective!).

So, what’s best for you?  That’s what I’m here for!  Send me a message or sign up for a free account and I’ll reach out to you!

From some cool chicks!

From some cool chicks!

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