21 Day Fix Results – With Pictures!

So, yesterday I posted my 21 Day Fix Extreme Results via video.  But today, we have pictures!

21dfx results front 21DFX Results Side

I lost 5.5 lbs and 3.75″ in 3 weeks. My last 5.5 lbs took over 4 months!

But above all that is how I feel…fit, healthy, accomplished. I have pulled out clothes that I haven’t got into since 1999 (watch my video from yesterday for that story!) and am making a donation pile of the stuff that’s too big once again…something I just did in December!  It’s a great feeling and now I’m set to tackle my next challenge!

With Body Beast, I’m taking in a lot more food!  I walked you through my “lunch bag” (all day bag really!) in this video…

All that and I was still hungry!  I’m still playing around with where I want my food to be for the first two phases of Body Beast where you are eating to build muscle mass.  It’s a huge mental shift!  But I love lifting heavy weights.  I’m sore, feel strong and the hunger means it’s working!

How are you challenging yourself today?

4 thoughts on “21 Day Fix Results – With Pictures!

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