Insanity Max 30 – Weeks 6 and 7

Which means I am in the last week of Insanity Max 30!  Woohoo!  I’m waiting on the end results to wrap up all my feelings on it, but there are two notable things happened in these weeks…

– My nutrition was nowhere near where I intended it to be!  It hasn’t been bad by any means, just mostly unplanned bites here and there.  I think that the reason has been a combination of good food being around, some other (expected and non-scary) stress and the fact that I know I’m going all out with 21 Day Fix Extreme shortly.
I started modifying moves where I’m jumping on one leg.

Now, is modifying maxing out? I say not if planned.  If I start a move unmodified or knowing I shouldn’t NEED to modify and then change, I call that maxing out for me.  But if I was a less experienced exerciser (or less experienced in Insanity/Shaun T workouts in general), I may go in with planning to modify a lot.  So I wouldn’t consider that maxing out…if this makes no sense, let me know!

As of week 7, I did not make it through any of the workouts without maxing out (spoiler alert…that changes in week 8!).  These are challenging, and you’re meant to max out…there’s no shame in it!  Just watch the people in the video!  They are all 30 minutes though, which makes it more mentally manageable to tackle than longer workouts.  I think that’s my favorite part of this program!

So, here are my pictures.  2 weeks of maxing out!

Photo Jan 19, 5 45 43 AM

Photo Jan 20, 5 30 43 AM

Photo Jan 21, 5 43 30 AM

Photo Jan 22, 5 25 13 AM

Photo Jan 26, 5 33 42 AM

Photo Jan 27, 5 29 09 AM

Photo Jan 28, 1 05 22 PM

Photo Jan 29, 5 28 44 AM

Photo Jan 30, 5 28 17 AM

Stay tuned for week 8!  I have 3 workouts left, including the final fit test scheduled for Saturday, where I go back to one of the month 1 workouts (Cardio Challenge) and see a difference from day 1!  Are you excited??  I am!


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