Taking My Own Advice

I’ve been having ankle pain with Insanity Max 30 and kind of denying it (hi, maybe it wasn’t just wonky!). For those that don’t know, I have a bone tumor just above my right ankle that really doesn’t bother me unless I run.

I didn’t want it to be an issue. I enjoy the workouts, want to push myself and felt like I was failing myself (because I should be able to do this!) and the program (because it’s amazing!) by admitting it. Until this morning.

What changed? I remembered that I’m basically working out on concrete, with a jump mat over it. Not the best surface. That made me think…what would I tell my challengers if they had this issue? Probably that for you, modifying moves where you’re jumping on one leg (which is what is bothering me – if you look at when I max out, it’s either triceps push ups or jumping on one leg) isn’t maxing out.

So I’m going to try that for the remainder. I wish I did it today, because I’m in some pain now. I’ve iced it a bit and I’m hoping it feels better after some sleep (I’m sure that having a snowy evening dance party didn’t help, but…snowy evening dance party!).

And our next home will have a more suitable surface for exercise!

What would YOU tell someone with this situation?

2 thoughts on “Taking My Own Advice

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