Shakeology Mug Cake

So, you’re wanting a reasonably healthy cake substitute without leaving your house?  Shakeology mug cake to the rescue!  I made this from things I had, nice and easy, and topped it with peanut butter (it is natural, just peanuts, but super smooth.  I actually prefer a little texture, but this is the best my food store has!).

I’m just going to get straight to it…

Shakeology Mug Cake

Photo Jan 24, 9 03 10 PM


– 1 serving Shakeology – I used chocolate, but next time I’m going to try vanilla!
– 1/4 tsp baking powder
– 1 tbs sweetner
– dash of salt
– 1 egg white
– 2-3 tbs water


Combine dry ingredients.  Add wet.  Mix until all dry ingredients are wet.  Microwave for about 90 seconds – mine took about 75.  The edges will come away from the sides of the mug when done.

Top if you like!  And enjoy.

I love single serving desserts.  No leftovers tempting me.  What about you?  Make a bunch or just one?

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