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So yes, I am a Beachbody coach and one of the things I do is to use the products myself.  Along with that, is practicing what I “preach”…taking the advice I give out on how to overcome the obstacles in life and stick to the nutrition plan and workouts that you’ve decided to commit to.

One thing that doesn’t mean…that I’m perfect!  It doesn’t mean that I am always successful, or that old habits don’t sneak back in, or that temptation doesn’t get to me.  A prime example of that has been seen this week.  I’m not going to sweep it under the carpet.  I’m going to share it and how I’m getting back on track.  Hopefully if you’re feeling similarly, it will be a spark to put you back on track.

Photo Aug 20, 8 45 13 PM

It all started fine.  My husband brought home a snack for himself.  I wanted to try one.  I did.  One little chocolate chip Teddy Graham.  What’s the harm in that?

No harm.  If I could have stayed away from the rest of the little dudes!  Over the past few days, a handful here and there and now they’re gone.  I knew that they were making me feel a little icky…just not my usual clean food feeling.  I didn’t make it worse by throwing in the towel and hitting the other foods we have (or buying them!) that I avoid.  But it wasn’t in my plan.  Nor was I making room in my plan for them…they were just extra.  I likely had about 2 servings at least the last two days.  Another big thing for me was that this was happening during the week.  I really try to be stellar during the week so that I can be a little more relaxed on the weekend when things are more likely to come up.  You may be thinking “this chick is going off plan with less than a box of Teddy Grahams?  Please.  Talk to me when you eat 8 boxes in a day.” But don’t worry, that’s happened here too.  Just not this week.  Want to talk about all the funfetti cookies and chocolate dipped marshmallows that disappeared after my daughter’s birthday party?  Same thing, just more food!

So, how to recover.  I’ve asked that these no longer enter the house.  I was fine with other flavors and other snacks, but something about these drew me in.  I’ve also been really focusing on water this week, which I’m sure helped, by filling a bunch of water bottles for my day.

Some of my filled bottles

Some of my filled bottles

I’m also not beating myself up about the slip, or letting it turn into something worse.  Today, they’re gone (because I ate them!), and I will eat normally.  I know that getting back on track will help…I will feel better both mentally and physically and that will keep me on track!  That’s one of the biggest nuggets I can give you.  When you eat good, clean foods, you feel good!  You want to keep that feeling.  So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go forth with your nutrition plan!

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