Are you new to exercise?

I posted a video the other day about something I love to tell people who are newer to exercising and want it to be fun…

A lot of the programs I have done are good for starting out as well…21 Day Fix is a great start – modifier, easy to follow nutrition plan, sets you up for success long term.  Where Turbo Jam differs is that I really can’t say it feels like a workout.  I tell people that Turbo is something I’d do even if it didn’t burn calories.  It’s my soul mate workout.  Just super fun.

I did two Turbo Jam videos this weekend – Ab Jam (20 minute mix of standing and floor abs) and Cardio Party 3 (50 minutes of kickboxing and smiling).  It was so much fun to let loose in my living room.  I do laugh with Shaun T, but not like this!

Ab Jam

Ab Jam

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