Insanity Max 30 – Weeks 4 and 5

Now it gets interesting!  Week 5 of Insanity Max 30 starts new workouts and new challenges.  But week 4 kind of rocked, so let’s do that first…

Day 22 – I made it a few more seconds in Cardio Challenge.  So, continued improvement, but not massive.  I was happy with every second longer I went!

Photo Jan 05, 5 43 13 AM

Day 23 – I don’t know when this became my favorite workout, but I miss it!  I loved the feeling than I was maxing out every 20 seconds, but could keep going with the 10 second breaks (you are not maxing out if the break is in the program!).  I more than doubled my time which felt amazing!! (spoiler alert…I did the same today on Max Out Cardio!)

Photo Jan 06, 5 27 05 AM

Day 24 – Over a minute and a half more on Sweat Intervals!  This definitely lived up to the title.  You can tell, right?

Photo Jan 07, 5 22 54 AM

Day 25 – Last time through Tabata Strength (for this round, at least!) and loved it!

Photo Jan 08, 5 24 55 AM (1)

Day 26 – Last workout in Month 1! – Friday Fight Round 1.  An extra 6 seconds here…my time didn’t change much on this one, but what I did notice was that I took less breaks overall after I maxed out.  You just see the first times here.  It can be difficult to push yourself once the max out time is out of the way!  Then it is easy to take breaks!

Photo Jan 09, 5 35 23 AM

Now we hit month 2!  This week was really rough for me…I had some not-real injuries, basically my body just being its wonky self.  My ankle and wrist were bothering me, but I knew nothing was really wrong.  I did end up using the modifier track one day, though I didn’t modify everything.  I’m feeling much better now!  I’m glad I stuck it out and did what I could, and hopefully it means awesome improvements in Max Out times!

Day 22 – Max Out Cardio – Now with a power move!  Cardio Challenge was all 30 second moves, and this one adds a one minute push at the end of each segment (pre-water breaks).  I sweat, I maxed out, I had a reasonably good time.  I maxed out on jumping on one foot in balance kickbacks.  Jumping on one foot is a mental thing for me after the bone tumor. (I made it through today…sheer will!)

Photo Jan 12, 5 30 15 AM

Day 30 – Max Out Power – Instead of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off, we have 45/15!  Harsh!  Those 15 second breaks are much needed and well deserved.

Photo Jan 13, 5 27 03 AM

Day 31 – We needed more sweat…oh wait, it’s called Max Out Sweat.  More sweatyness.  I barely remember this workout (is that a good thing or a bad thing?) so I’ll go into more detail next week!

Photo Jan 14, 5 24 26 AM

Day 32 – Max Out Srength – Another with the 45/15 split.  This one I started doing some modifications on.  I still pushed myself and didn’t modify anything before my max out time.  It was more fun than I expected, especially considering the “failure” of modifying.  Not that it’s a failure…read along!

Photo Jan 15, 5 35 31 AM

And last, but certainly not least, day 33 – Friday Fight Round 2!  I started this one with the modifier track on, which was a good experience.  The modifier option shows both the regular video and then just the modifier so you can see them the whole time.  Very helpful to not be looking at the screen hoping to catch a glimpse of them!  I also only modified after I maxed out, though it was tough!  I had banged my knee pretty badly Thursday night and I think limping caused more wonkyness.  I’m doing so much better now, but I didn’t want to overdo it and end up actually injured.

Photo Jan 16, 5 20 25 AM

So, on modifying.  It is a stellar option.  There is absolutely no fault or shame in modifying.  In this program, modifying is really only maxing out if you didn’t plan on modifying a move or started out and needed to change to modifying.  So it’s all in my head that it’s failing, and that’s there because I didn’t plan to take modifications (except on some push ups) when I started the program.  But modifications are GOOD!  They allow you to stay active and not get injured.  I know that.  I just have to listen to myself!

So far, I’m really enjoying the program and it feels super crazy awesome when you improve on your max out times.  If you have any questions, comment or email me!  I’m happy to share my thoughts!

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