A (Food) Day in the Life

So, my day to day life isn’t some super exciting, interesting story that I think you’d want to read.  But I know that one of the things so many people ask me about the 21 Day Fix plan is “what do you eat?”  Well, here is a fairly typical day for me.

I’ve actually moved some things around on the list for a more helpful view in.  I have been practicing with moving around my meals and testing some things out, but the food is the same!  I’m also leaving off amounts since there are several calorie levels on the 21 Day Fix.  But this is a peek in on what my meals look like.

Post Workout – Shakeology
Breakfast (a few hours later) – Steel cut oats with almond butter and 1/2 banana, 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch – Ground turkey with quinoa, either kale chips, Brussels sprouts leaves or spinach and fruit
Afternoon snack – carrots and hummus, sweet potatoes, and fruit
Dinner – Salad with chicken or fish
Dessert – peanut butter 🙂

Sometimes, I’ll skip a protein earlier in the day and have a protein shake for dessert.  You can see that I keep it pretty simple, not really using recipes but instead just combining items when I eat them.  This works well for me so that I can mix and match things.  Some days you want a change!  I also use a lot of the 21 Day Fix spice blends to change it up.  I love that this plan keeps it simple with giving a lot of options for variety!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I first unboxed the 21 Day Fix program and got started.  It has been such a welcome change to my eating!  I plan to get the 21 Day Fix Extreme when it comes out next month…I can’t wait to check out the next level.  If you want to check out the original, join in for my next group on 1/26…a great way to kick up those healthy workout and nutrition habits before the January motivation fades!

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