Insanity Max 30 – Weeks 2 and 3!

Seeing as I’m about done with Insanity Max 30 week 4, I should update about 2 and 3!  (week 1 here)

All of the workouts were the same, other than Tabata Strength.  This replaces Tabata Power in weeks 3 and 4.  The big difference is that after doing 8 tabata rounds of 20 seconds on/10 seconds off, you do an active recovery move instead of a 30 second water break.  Oddly, I did better on this workout!  I was able to power through the diamond (triceps) push ups and get pretty far this past week!

Let’s get to those max out times, right?

Week 2:

Photo Dec 22, 5 43 05 AM (1)

Photo Dec 23, 9 57 46 AM

Photo Dec 24, 6 16 11 AM

Photo Dec 25, 5 55 36 AM

Photo Dec 26, 1 33 30 PM

Photo Dec 27, 5 56 02 AM

So, I did worse on the last time through Tabata Power than the time prior…it was always the triceps push ups that did me in!  I increased my Friday Fight – Round 1 time by over 3 minutes.  I also noticed that the Ab Attack times were hugely dependent on the workout I did before it.  On the day with Pulse (the recovery workout), I almost made it to the end without maxing out.  But with a more intense workout, my times varied from 2-7 minutes.  So I stopped tracking it in week 3!

Week 3:
Photo Dec 29, 5 36 37 AM

Photo Dec 30, 5 42 11 AM

Photo Dec 31, 5 40 47 AM

Photo Jan 01, 1 06 19 PM

Photo Jan 02, 5 23 53 AM

I made it a lot further in Sweat Intervals and got to try Tabata Strength!  I feel like I max out every 20 seconds in that one and am thankful for the quick breaks!  My big improvements on that one came this week!

I’m really liking seeing my times improve (when they do!).  It’s such immediate feedback to go by!  I feel amazing too.  I wore a dress yesterday that I never expected to wear after having my daughter…it’s not a forgiving cut.  It was loose, and I felt confident in it.  That is an excellent feeling, folks!

How are you measuring your success these days?  Stay tuned for week 4, and a bit about my nutrition so far on the program!

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