Post-holiday Fixing

Well, I tried and tried, and did a lot better than could be said of other years, but I still gained about 4lbs over the holidays.  I know, it’s just a few pounds.  But I felt blahhhh.  I didn’t want to!

I was wishing that I had thought ahead and got a 3-Day Refresh kit as I loved it the last time, but I couldn’t go back!  Then I remembered that the 21 Day Fix came with a 3-Day Quick Fix that was for after the 21 days.  It had a lot of steamed vegetables on it (four times a day!), which wasn’t something I was too keen on, but it promised that not only would I drop weight, but I could keep up my usual workouts.

Keep up my usual workouts.  Said it twice!  This isn’t a cleanse.  This didn’t leave me hungry, in the bathroom, or like it was time for 3 days of yoga.  I don’t exactly feel cleansed either, but I don’t feel that blahhh feeling anymore.

So, how did it go?  I didn’t take pictures, but I lost 5.2lbs over the 3 days.  Yay!  Lower than before holidays hit!  My stomach looked better than I’ve ever seen it.  I was incredibly bored with the steaming though!  I almost quit after 2 days just to eat something different.  The plan is very rigid.  No salt, fruit, dairy, or anything not listed.  No cooking in oil (though you do drink coconut oil!) and all the vegetables are steamed.  So are the yams.  And (gasp!) no Shakeology!

Here is one of my days…I left one of the shots of coconut oil out of the pics…sorry!  We have egg whites and steel cut oats (plus coconut oil), grilled chicken and steamed yams, steamed fish and vegetables,  grilled chicken and steamed vegetables (plus coconut oil), steamed fish and vegetables (plus coconut oil), and ground turkey and steamed vegetables (plus coconut oil).

Photo Dec 31, 11 58 20 AM

Fun right?

Today, I was ready for my Shakeology ( I had chocolate, first thing I ate today!).  I kept up my Insanity Max 30 workouts with no issues and wasn’t hungry ever.  Like, I almost skipped the last meal all 3 days not hungry.  I would do this again if I needed a quick fix after a rough patch or before a big event.  I love that it came as part of a program I love alone…total bonus!

How are you getting rid of any holiday gaining?

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