Turning those calendars!

It’s about time to move on to 2015.  You know what that means?  New month, new challenge!  Here’s my January Challenge…

201501 calendar

If you would like to be in a group (on Facebook) and play along, comment or email me!

I decided to take a little walk down memory lane this year and made one final results pic.

201402 to 201412

The picture shows February 2014 – today. I lost just over 20 lbs in 2014, and 23.25 inches from February to the end of November.

Overall, I’m happy with the results, though I know I could have done better with more of a focus on nutrition. So in 2015, I will not let nutrition get in my way. I will use the tools I have and continue to improve!

What are you looking to improve upon?  How will you make that happen?

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