My Arsenal

Happy Saturday!!  Right now it’s a very rainy one here.  It’s currently naptime after a long night of little sleep.  Everyone is sleeping…but me of course!

That reminded me.  People ask me all the time how I manage to be fairly peppy, have the energy to workout so early, and manage my days.  I do have a little help in the pep department.  And that made me think about other things that help me out in my general weight loss/management.  So here are a few of my favorite things…

Photo Dec 06, 2 55 42 PM

So…what do we have here?  In order they’ve been going lately…

  • Energy and Endurance (or E&E) – I mentioned this previously here.  It’s a pre-workout drink (powder that you mix with water) that gives you a little boost for your workout.  I don’t think I could manage the early workouts without it!  I get up, get my workout clothes on and slink downstairs thinking “Not in the mood today”…but then I drink my E&E and it’s all good!  I drink it while I check in with all of my groups on Facebook so it kicks in for my workout.  I don’t feel jittery as i have with some other pre-workouts, just ready to push myself.  So much more than without it.  I really think that this helps my results because I have the energy to push myself instead of sleepwalking through the motions!
  • Shakeology – If you don’t know how much I love Shakeology, it must be your first time here!  I have a whole page devoted to it, plus it’s entwined in so many of my posts.  Why is that?  I’ve been drinking it at least daily for over 2 years now.  I love the taste and crave this instead of other sweets.  I feel energized and good – like I’m doing something healthy for myself – after I have it.  I am currently drinking it as my post-workout meal, but have had it for breakfast (pretty much the same thing for me!), a snack, dinner…whenever you need a quick meal, Shakeo has your back.  And unlike any shake I’ve ever had, it keeps me full.  Wha???  You heard me!
  • Tea!  This is my go to when I need a little something but don’t want to eat.  I had forgotten that tea could actually be satisfying to a boredom call of hunger until I did the 3-Day Refresh.  What a great side product of the cleanse!  These are two of my favorites…Green Tea with Mint and Every Day Detox.  You can find benefits of green tea looking anywhere!  And the mint helps remind me that I’m done eating for the time.  The detox tea isn’t like a cleanse in a glass or anything.  I really find it as just a tasty reminder to keep going with healthy food!  I’ll have tea most mornings and evenings, plus sometimes in the afternoon when the snackies hit.  I drink coffee as well, but limit that more than tea.

All of these help keep me on a good path.  They aren’t groundbreaking or all that secret, but they are what work for me!

What are your secret weapons?

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