Having it all?

I had a whole mind dump planned on having it all…that elusive thing people strive for.  There have been a TON of articles on this, so I’m not going to go into any of that.  But a quote I heard the other day sparked how I basically felt…Having it all means I have to do it all.

Yup.  Now, I don’t want this to sound like I don’t have my version of it all.  I’m pretty happy with the balance I have in my life.  But my life and my happy balance may not be someone else’s.  So it seems kind of silly to go into a mind dump about it!

But in balance, something has to give.  You have to decide where to take some time from.  So maybe having it all isn’t really having everything, it’s finding the balance that works for you.  You may sacrifice winding down before bed (or sleep!) for time catching up at work.  You may trade advancing at work to spend your evenings on keeping up your home instead of at the computer.  You may sacrifice time with your family, or your weekend, or…

I couldn’t go through all the possible trade offs if I tried.  My point is, there is no way for most people to have it all without giving something up.  Having it all should be instead looked at as finding the balance that works for you.  What works for me, may sound terrible to you!  That’s fine.

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Have you found a balance?

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