Candy Bar Shakeology

Have you used coconut butter before?  I keep it on hand because it is delicious and cool.   It melts when warm and is a solid when cooled.  Do you remember that magic shell stuff for ice cream?  This gives the same effect, but is a lot better for you!

I made this recipe the other day.  Wow.  It was delicious!  Now, I drink Shakeology because I love it…energy, no crash, keeps me full, makes me feel healthy.  So, yes, my recipes use it!  If you drink something else, feel free to try it out in this!  I find that when I blend Shakeology with ice it has this amazing sharpness that I adore, so that may not come through.  But this recipe is so good, that I do not want lack of my favorite meal replacement to prevent you from trying it!

Candy Bar Shakeology


So, it’s simple…ice, water, Shakeology, almond butter and MELTED coconut butter…definitely melt it first so that it has a chance of being dispersed in the shake!  And I add it last so it doesn’t harden too much before mixing.

Have you tried coconut butter?

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