Feeling hot hot hot

You can tell I’m feeling better from the title, but that was not the case yesterday!  I don’t get full out sick often.  I get sinus headaches, which I can power through mostly as long as I get enough sleep, and I have allergies which annoy me.  But I don’t often get need to stay in bed sick.

Yesterday, I was.  And I had to work for a few reasons, one of which that my adorable child was sick on Friday and I called in.  I don’t know if I got this from her, but the symptoms weren’t too similar.  Let’s stick to mine because hers may be worse.  It started as a sore throat on Sunday night, which kept me up.  When the alarm went off at 4am on Monday morning,I reset it.  I was exhausted and coughing.  I worked from home with a blanket around me and a lot of tea.  I finally took my temperature at about 5 (why?  because I’m weird.  The thermometer was on my desk when I got to it) and look at that!  100.3.  No wonder I felt so horrible!  My husband will tell you that this might be the first time I have had a fever since we’ve met.  I just don’t get fevers!

So it was to bed nice and early last night (7:30!  Baby to bed at 7, dishwasher loaded, teeth brushed and mommy to bed!) and I slept until 3 without waking.   I feel a lot better this morning and I hope for a mostly normal day with extra tea.


Healthy mommy, sick baby on Friday

Healthy mommy, sick baby on Friday

Photo Nov 03, 5 34 49 PM

Healthy baby, sick mommy on Monday

So, I was basically not functioning more than necessary yesterday, which meant missing my first Body Beast workout to start week 10 of the program.  I’m hoping to get through it today and skip the next rest day.  I also didn’t follow the Beast phase eating yesterday, but didn’t eat much anyway.  I couldn’t stomach much more than Shakeology and Puffins.  If I can get back to normal today (which seems like it should work), I’ll call it a sick win!

How are you feeling?

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