That Pre-Halloween time

It’s that time before Halloween.  Where stores are showing costumes and huge amounts of candy.  Candy candy everywhere.

I’m going to share a bit of something completely embarrassing about the old me.  Until 2008, I took some massive exams for work, usually twice a year in May and November.   I would be home studying if I wasn’t working (or working out, I did exercise for most of it) for months, chugging through the material, doing practice questions, memorizing lists, talking to myself…and of course eating for convenience!  I changed my eating habits in 2004, but before that I ate very poorly.

August 2004

August 2004

August 2014

August 2014

The worst was before November exams.  Hello Halloween candy!  I’d buy several bags, mix them together, and go through them while studying over a few days.  Uh too few to be remotely a good idea.  Then I would skip real meals because eating more would be crazy (crazier?).  So I existed basically on candy and coffee.  But I worked out, so I was good.  You all know that wasn’t true!  I’m sure I did also, but these are the things we tell ourselves so we don’t feel worse.  And why was I gaining weight?? I was eating healthy, other than the massive amounts of candy.  Yikes!  I may have been delusional, but again, the things we tell ourselves.

Seeing all the candy brings me back to this, but luckily (especially for my trick-or-treaters!) not in an “I’m going to spiral out and eat all this candy” way.  Just in a “how did I get to that” way.  Now, this seems like another person.  Thank goodness!  There is still usually an increase to my candy consumption around Halloween.  I wouldn’t say even a bag over the course of the holiday would be consumed now where it used to be a day.

Maybe you indulge more than you’d like too!  So I’m kicking off a 3 day cleanse group now, as a way to get a fresh mindset before the candy hits your home shelves (hint…buy candy as late as possible, or buy non-food to give out!).  If you want to quickly jumpstart some weight loss or just lose some cravings and grab some extra motivation, this is a great tool to do it.  Contact me for info or check out the 3-Day Refresh site.  We are starting between the 20th and the 26th (it’s hard to get people to decide on 3 days all together, but the group will go until everyone finishes!) so it’s coming right up!

What candy do you have a tough time resisting?

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