My Quinoa Secret

We’ve discovered that our daughter loves quinoa…but only if I make it.  So the question is, what do I do differently?

I like my quinoa kind of sticky I guess.  When I get it other places, it’s more crumbly, almost like a couscous if that makes sense.  First note, I make it in my rice cooker.  I got this earlier this year, and have been easily making quinoa and steel cut oats in it.  I love being able to set it up and not have to stir, make sure it doesn’t boil over, etc.  Plus it has a timer and a warm setting, so I can set it up early and leave it.  I’m all about making things easier on myself!


Second, and I think this is the key, I use a ratio of 1:4 dry quinoa to liquid (usually 1 cup quinoa, 4 cups water).  I can’t remember where I first saw this recipe (if you can call it that!) but it works really well for me.  I find that it helps the quinoa take on whatever I put on it, makes it easier to eat without making a mess (just don’t drop your dry quinoa!) and I actually prefer the taste this way.  Not that quinoa really has much of a taste!


We used to mix quinoa with avocado to make it easier for little hands, but this way, it sticks together better and makes that unnecessary.


I have oatmeal in it now!  I don’t have to worry about a thing until we want to eat it.





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