Making Cooking Easier

Good morning!  It’s the weekend again so I hope you’re having a fun one!

I wanted to tell you all about how I make both cooking and putting food together a little easier.  At least for me!  This is something I’ve done since starting to lose weight that has helped in a few ways – I can make a bunch at once, I can change it up for variety, and I can focus on what works best for each meal.

So what’s this magic trick?  I make my protein plain. Inventive, right?  Just cooking spray (or a quick shot from the oil mister) and whatever it is – chicken, fish, ground turkey, whatever you like!  I usually bake chicken and fish, and cook up ground turkey in a pan.  Then when I eat it, I portion it out, spice it up and can choose if I want a sauce or healthy fat on it.

Now, this method (if you can call it that) works for a lot of different things!  What you’ll find in my fridge is mostly cooked food, all separate.  So quinoa in a container, turkey in a container, oatmeal, chicken, sweet potatoes, etc.  All plain and ready to be mixed together.  It’s like the Garanimals of refrigerators.

This has worked really well with the 21 Day Fix plan!  I can easily measure out a container’s worth of food and throw it on my dish.  I don’t typically worry about what containers a recipe is because I don’t make them.  Then I add my seasonings and whatever else I want and go.  Done!



See those little containers?  That’s how much of each food I eat at a time (they match up with food groups).  So it’s nice and simple to measure them out.

What are your little tricks to make healthy food prep easier?

2 thoughts on “Making Cooking Easier

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