P90X3 – Accelerator

The next of our P90X3 workouts is Accelerator!

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This workout combines speeds…so you change speeds during exercises…to work both the aerobic and anaerobic pathways.  But what does that mean??  Basically, traditional cardio is aerobic.  You can sustain going at that speed for a considerable amount of time.  Anaerobic is when you turn it up, usually to a level that is not sustainable, but doable for a short burst.  Working this way helps you burn more calories overall, as you’re turning it up to that anaerobic point but not fully resting in between bursts.

The exercises are done for a minute, with the changes in speed during that time.  Note…you actually need two towels in this workout.  Not just for sweat, but for moves.  So don’t skip the towel and need to go get one during.  Not that I did that (every time!).  Another peek into my living room – I usually fall down during the Donkey Kicks.  For these, you have your hands on the floor, and kick up, then land on one foot and bring the other through underneath you.  But get up again and smile when you fall!

Photo Aug 03, 7 54 23 PM

I think that’s the most complicated move in this workout.  For the most part, they are challenging cardio exercises that you’ve seen before.  Don’t let the name scare you away!  You will be so thankful for the slow downs that you’ll forget you’re still working in those times!

I think we have one more workout to go!  I don’t have the deluxe workouts (yet?) so I stuck with the base kit.

It’s Friday folks.  Have fun today!

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