P90X3 – Isometrix

Back to the P90X3 workouts!

This was a fun one!  Or something like that.  All of the moves are held (that’s where the title comes from – isometric contractions use the muscle by holding, not using movement through a range of motion) for 45 seconds.


Some of the exercises are super hard to hold, some are not as hard.  It takes balance and strength to do this workout pretty, so don’t stress if it isn’t!  That’s something to work towards…and the reason to not skip this workout!  There are a bunch of different planks, some yoga moves like dancer and chair, and some that I had never seen.  I really enjoyed the bound dogs – in downward dog, you grab your ankle with the opposite arm.  It was a balance challenge, but keep a smile on your face and let it happen.

This is one of the transition week workouts.  The schedule is made up of 3 blocks, with 3 weeks of the tough stuff and then a lighter week called transition.  So this doesn’t come up in the schedule much!  But, again, don’t skip it!

Is balance a challenge for you?

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