P90X3 – MMX

Time to finish up the P90X3 workouts!  I am about done with the 90 days and have done even the transition week workouts a few times, so lets hear about them.

But first, MMX.  How did I not do this write up along with the rest of block 2?  I love this workout – no surprise there with my past kickboxing workout love.  This is a martial arts inspired workout…punches, kicks, elbows and sprawls are the main moves, pieced together in different combinations.


There are four rounds (which mostly means four breaks!) of four exercises.  Each exercise is done for 30 seconds per side.  There are some moves I hadn’t seen before like a Superman Punch (hopping forward on one foot while punching with the opposite hand) and Gladiator (that I still need to watch to “get” – a hitch kick with a lunge and punch).  Most of the rest are typical kickboxing combos and none are overly complicated (other than Gladiator, which is in the last exercise).  I like that they are repeated for 30 seconds, so you can figure it out and repeat.  As usual for these workouts, there isn’t really a preview of the exercises, and Tony and crew are on the same leg, not mirroring.  Just things to keep in mind.

I still look forward to this workout each time it comes up on my schedule!  I hate the sprawls, but they’re good for you!

What’s your favorite type of workout?

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