Are you food boring?

I often think that I should post a bunch of what I’m eating…take pictures of everything and show you.  But then, the reminder pops up that I am FOOD BORING!

Yawnnn.  Excuse my chipped nails :)

Yawnnn. Excuse my chipped nails 🙂

What is food boring?  Do you eat the same thing almost every day?  Do you eat those things at the same time each day?  Is making your shopping list less “what will I make?” and more “what am I out of?”  You might be food boring!  Yay!

Some people say that this is a good way to lose weight (others say variety is key to sticking to a diet).  For me, I like my boring foods.  They are only boring because it’s pretty much what I had yesterday.  I do change some things up, like my protein, but it’s likely I’ll have it with the same types of things.

Instead of what “some people” say, I’ll tell you the benefits to me.

  • I can focus less on tracking my diet. Because I eat the same foods daily, if I stick to what I had the day before, I know that I am on plan (currently still doing the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan! I love it, it works.).
  • I have worked it out to eat foods I like and look forward to while staying on plan.  So while I might not have much variety, I don’t feel bored because I love what I’m having.
  • I automatically have my day planned out.  I don’t walk into the kitchen hungry without knowing what I’ll eat.  So I eat what I ate yesterday…no deciding that I’m so hungry, I’ll just grab something that will throw off my plan.

Does this work for everyone?  Maybe not.  For me, it takes the focus off food, off the plan, off how will I lose this weight.  I can free up my mind for other things, knowing I have that taken care of.

Do I stray?  Of course!  Especially on weekends when we have something planned where I know I’ll need to shift food/containers around.  But I’ll let you in on a secret.  If you look at what I eat on days where I know I’ll be eating more later in the day, they’re probably similar to eachother.

So, are you food boring?  How do you feel about that?

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