Color Run!

Yesterday, we did the Color Run with my brother in law and family.  I knew that we’d likely walk a lot of it, so I started out with a PiYo workout.  I pulled out Hardcore on the Floor, the bonus workout you get for ordering from me!



Artoo seemed to like it and wanted to check it out!


The workout was tough and sweaty…and as the name implies, all floor work!  A lot of it was spent in a move called Beast…you start on all fours and lift your knees.  It was about 35 min and flew by!

Post-PiYo and my July ab challenge for the day

Post-PiYo and my July ab challenge for the day

Then it was time to get ready for the run!  We made it to the check in party and got our swag bag…they give you lots of good stuff!  A tee, a headband, tattoos, bracelets…and the bag was nice too!  Here we are before the race…you can see our headbands.


Then it was off to race start!  We had to wait for the third wave to be released, but there were bubbles, so we were entertained!


Bubble watching!

I was surprised by how little color there actually was!  Basically just 4 stations of colors (Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green) over the 5K course.  You can see that we opted for an umbrella stroller – light if she didn’t want to be in it, was free if the color stays forever and probably best for her to take in the experience.  We took her out for the last color station…not the best experience!  I think the color was a little scary.  But mostly, it was fun.

Here’s the after!


Then it was time to lunch and bathe!  It was easier to get off of us than the baby..she had 2 baths yesterday and still has some bluish green!  I think because she was basically just sitting in the color.  Wind took care of some of ours.  Her feet were the worst!


Lunch! And you can see her tattoo.

Overall, this tattoo summed up the day!



Have you done a color run before?  How was your experience?


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