How do you feel about routine?  Do you crave it?  Do you have it?

I like to know what to expect for the most part.  Especially when it comes to my food and fitness…fail to plan, plan to fail and all that.  So while I try to allow for some spontaneity (what, that’s not how that works?), I do like to have routine most days.

We’ve fallen into our routine here.  I know that, for the most part, I can get in my workout between when my husband leaves for work and to drop the baby at daycare and when I start work.  I know that, at this time, I have little that can get in the way of my workout.  Can you guess what’s next??

Routine is about to change, people!  My husband has a new job (starting Monday!), with new hours and a few extra challenges.  I will be doing day care drop off some days.  Pick ups some too!  Note that “some days” in there…each week day will no longer be similar.  Some days, I’ll get up and workout and hope no one wakes up.  Some, I’ll probably be back to the old schedule (we’ll see if I decide to try to keep similar day to day).

I am not worried though.  Just wanted to post a little about the difference between a strict routine and having strategies for adjusting.  Do you have a back up plan in mind when life throws a curve?  For me, instead of having a freak out when something is changed, I can just mentally swap some things around and make it work.  Because I have several slots where I can workout (though I also have preferences…I can exercise at night.  I prefer not to, but it’s there).  I have food I can switch around in my menu.  A little bump doesn’t mean a derailment.

So think about your day.  When can you exercise?  What could you eat if you needed to go shopping, but couldn’t go today?  Do you have a go-to meal that you can get at a local place?

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