P90X3 – Incinerator

Scary name, tough workout!

P90X3‘s Incinerator workout is kind of oddly named tome.  When I first saw the name, I expected to be doing a calories blasting workout…incinerating calories if you will. But this is an upper body workout setting your muscles on fire.

Everything here is a set.  Two moves, one for 10 reps (usually) and a second for time.  Both working the same muscle.  So, you pick a challenging weight for the ten reps (not too challenging! Don’t forget about exercise two!).  Then do all you can to burn it out in 30 seconds.  Wow!

This uses weights, a mat and your pull up option.  Anyone else feel like pull ups are just the worst?  I do them because they’re good for me, but I am really glad they’re in the beginning of this workout…get them over with!

Sometimes I mention this, sometimes I don’t, but this workout has a substantialburnout section at the end.  No pull ups though! You’re in plank, sphinx and doing push ups mostly.  All at Tony’s command!  As I write this, I’m feeling the soreness. In a good way of course!

One great thing mentioned in the video is that a push up is a push up.  Knees aren’t the go to modification here.  Limiting your range of motion is, by not lowering as close to the ground.  See how that feels to you if you usually go to your knees.

Can you do a pull up?

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