P90X3 – Eccentric Lower

Moving on with our P90X3 workouts, here comes Eccentric Lower!

This is similar to Eccentric Upper (go figure) in that you are working the negative, or eccentric part of each exercise. For the lower body, some examples are the down motion in a squat or lunge, or the up motion in a glute bridge.

The workout uses resistance, so get out your weights or bands. You’ll also need a chair and I’d suggest a mat for the floor exercises.  The chair is used in a one-legged squat exercise, not just for balance, so do have one nearby!

The hardest move in this workout for me was the Tony’s triangle based move…a side plank with leg raise.  I have major difficulty with the full exercise (and most leg raise type moves) but modifications are shown.  Pay attention to these your first time through!

I love leg workouts, and this didn’t disappoint.  The three counts/one count exercises are definitely going to work your muscles!

What is your favorite way to work the legs?

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