P90X3 – Triometrics

Nope, not a typo!  P90X3‘s Triometrics is like plyometrics times three!

It’s not ALL jumpy plyo though (thank goodness).  But it’s explosive moves, using three levels of each move.  So on average, you do level one for 20 seconds, level two for 20, and then level three for 20.  The recommended modification is to stay in level two instead of moving to level three.  One thing about this – you can modify some moves and go all out on others.  Don’t just decide that you’re sticking with two for the workout.  Go by the exercise and how you feel!

Many of the exercises have a balance component, which is fun and challenging.  For most, you aren’t even jumping in level one or two if it is a jump move.  I think my point here is that this sounds like a very intimidating workout.  Yes, it is challenging, but wasn’t nearly as scary in reality.  I enjoyed the progressions – you aren’t doing anything for too long, and it goes by quickly.  You’ll feel it in your legs…promise!

There’s no equipment used here.  I pull out my jump mat and use it for some exercises and not others.  It also has a triple speed skater, so move the furniture to the side!

When you hear “Triometrics” what do you think ?

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