P90X3 – Eccentric Upper

It’s time to tell you all about the next P90X3 workout!  I’m on my third time through the block 2 workouts this week and it’s flying by!  After this week, there are just 7 more to go.  Is it time to kick it up a notch?  Not sure I need to…I haven’t been holding back!

So the eccentric workouts (check out lower later this week) work the negative or eccentric part of the move when the muscle lengthens (concentric is when it shortens).  For example, in a push up, it is the down portion.  In a biceps curl, it is the way back down.  All of the exercises in this workout follow a 1:3 timing ratio, so one count on the positive, three on the negative.

For most of the workout, you get three moves and then a little break.  Mostly just to write down your weights and grab a sip of water!  There are many types of push ups and pull ups along with weighted moves.  I am still working on pull ups.  I’ve gone from a chair assist to the chin up max, but I usually don’t do all of the reps.  And that’s okay!  That is why we write down what we did – so we can improve and adjust.  I made a note last week to go down in weight on one of the exercises…that’s okay too.  Form is number one, and I couldn’t keep my form for the 10 reps with the heavier weight.  So this time I dropped down and did 10 perfectly.

I’ve been using the P90X app to record my workouts, but paper and pen works too.  I know I always have my phone, so I never have to look for my paper.

The big move of this workout for me (and I’m sure a lot of others!) is the plyo push up.  You do a push up and keep going up!  The first two times through the workout, I did hands only (keeping my feet on the ground), but yesterday I went for it!  I got my hands and feet (slightly) off the ground in nine out of ten reps!

Remember, we are looking for progress.  Not perfection, not that you can do everything in the videos like they do.  Just that you keep getting better!

What are you getting better at today?

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