I think I’m allergic to something at my office.  Every time I go in, I leave with sinus pain.  Luckily, I don’t go in much, but it is tough to deal with when I do.

I went in yesterday, waking up at 4 to get in my workout and came home with such pressure in my head.  I tried to go to bed early, but I have a hard time sleeping when I have this kind of pain.  So I’m up but with little sleep.  And in a few hours, I’m getting on a plane to a work seminar in Chicago.  I’ve been on a plane with a sinus infection before (coming home from our Honeymoon – went straight to the ER when we got home!) and it was not fun, so I’m hoping to knock it out before I go.

In my arsenal – water and tea (there will be coffee too!), a nice shower, sinus rinse, and some sinus meds.  I’ve also heard that oil pulling can help, so I’ll add that in.  I tried to go spicy last night to help, but it didn’t work.

I will get in my P90X3 workout today (Triometrics) and I hope that helps a little!  I can’t remember if it had much head movement, but I’ll do what i can.  Working out helps me feel back to normal, so I keep it up when I can.

I should have expected this…I always get sick before or during trips!  Hopefully this means I’m safe for the trip I’m taking next week.

I’ll miss this face while I’m gone.  Off to enjoy her for a little longer.  Have a great day!!


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