I’m taking a pause on writing about the P90X3 workouts.  I’ve written about the workouts for each day in Block 1 prior to the transition week, and I only did some of those workouts once.  I like to have more experience with a workout before I post about it.

I’m now in the first week of Block 2, doing all new (to me) workouts.  I think I like the second time through a workout the most.  I’m not yet anticipating what comes next, but it isn’t all new.  The first time takes the most focus to figure out what you’re doing, what equipment you want to grab, etc.

To that, I moved my weights recently to make them easier to grab!  I workout in my living room (not a workout-specific place!) and have usually stored my weights under one of the couches.  I had them under the couch near the wall, which is behind and to the side of where I workout.  I moved them to the couch that I move to workout.  So now, I move the couch and the weights are ready to go!

Now you see them

Now you see them…

Now you don't!

Now you don’t!

This was very much a “Why didn’t I think of this earlier?” moment!  Besides being conveniently located, now the weights are far enough under the couch when not in use that little hands don’t try to play with them.  And they are still out of the way enough when I workout that the weights aren’t in my way if the workout doesn’t use them.

Do you have a dedicated workout space or are you stashing weights like me?

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