P90X3 – Dynamix

So this is P90X3‘s idea of active rest.  You can do this, or rest, on the last day of your week.  I have done it 2/4 weeks I’ve finished, and sometimes take Zumba also/instead.  Zumba is at the gym, where my daughter has been enjoying going to the childcare center (finally!), so that both is some fun cardio and keeps her in the habit of going there.

It’s pronounced like Dynamics, but I often say it more like I say Vitamix in my head.  You wanted to know that, yes?

The workout is supposed to help you move properly, increase range of motion, flexibility and stabilization.  There isn’t jumping in this, but it’s definitely a workout!  You do each move for 30 seconds.  There are a lot of moving stretches, similar to (and including) the double knee pulls in the warm ups for many of the other workouts.  You also get some different lunges, core work, and Pilates style leg work.  The moves can be tough, but the 30 second time limit works to make it a bit easier than if it was a minute.

I like this workout.  It isn’t my favorite, but I tend to love the big calorie burn ones.  Dynamix was more than X3 Yoga for me, but less than Total Synergistics.  It isn’t the calorie burn that makes me love them though.  It just often happens that I find them more fun.

What about you?  Do you find yourself drawn to the big burn workouts or the lower ones?

3 thoughts on “P90X3 – Dynamix

  1. I totally am drawn to big burn workouts but when I step back and think of what I really *enjoy*, they tend to be lower burn (long walks, hikes, yoga, etc…). I think it’s good to have a mix but I have to be super careful about listening to what my body wants to do verses what my brain says. 🙂

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