P90X3 – The Warrior

Sounds strong, right?  This P90X3 workout is a total body workout that uses no equipment and can be done anywhere.  I did it in my living room, but it would be great to have on vacation or anywhere else that you want to workout but don’t want to have a bunch of equipment with you.

Almost all of the moves here are done for a minute.  Then you’re on to something else!  You work through an arm exercise, cardio exercise, leg exercise, core exercise and then it’s back to arms.  This is another one where the names sound scarier than the moves for the most part, so don’t get worried.  One that is a little scary is the Super Burpee…for me because I kept getting confused at the move and what I was supposed to be doing.

On that note, the moves aren’t really previewed (in any of the videos) before the time starts.  I would recommend at least reading the descriptions in the guide, but better would be to watch the video before you plan to do it.  Trying to figure out what some of the exercises are doing while also trying to do them is okay for a lot of exercises, but some it is hard to watch and do.  The burpees were like that for me, since I can’t see the TV as well from the burpee position.  Also, any type of pull up, because I can’t see the TV at all from my pull up bar if I want to also see it for the rest of the video!  I have Triometrics on the schedule today, so I need to take my own advice and read up on that!

I really enjoyed this workout.  It was a tough one, but I didn’t dread it each week, so that usually means it’s a good amount of toughness.  Not so hard that I don’t want to press play, but still a challenge!

Do you prepare for your workouts or jump in and see what happens?

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