P90X3 – CVX

Moving along to the next P90X3 workout, we have CVX!  This has been one of my favorites so far.  It’s a great combo of weights and cardio, for a good burn in the 30 minutes.

For most of the moves, you’re holding a light weight – from a basketball to no more than 12 lbs.  I usually use 5.  You’ll also need a towel, something I don’t usually mention, but it is used in one of the moves.  So grab it (or use your child’s jacket…not that I’ve done that).

In this workout, you do 3 moves in a row and then do them again.  The second time through, there may be a variation in speed or range of motion depending on the move.  A lot of the moves have scary sounding names, but most were less scary than they sounded!  Don’t worry too much until you actually know what the name means.  And if you need to ditch the weight, go for it!  No shame in modifying.  Tony actually says something to the tune of “you want to lose weight, so pick the right weight, so you don’t injure yourself and can’t lose the weight.”  Makes sense, right?

This one is over in a flash, even with the second half of the last round being a burnout round.  You’ll hopefully laugh through it.

Have you tried CVX?  Let me know if I’m nuts for liking it!

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