Starting Out on the Next 90 Days!

I started my P90X3 journey on Monday! After the 10K Sunday, I was thinking that I might be crazy to jump in so quickly.  But so far, it has gone well with little additional pain.

One thing about the first week on a new program…it can take some getting used to!  I haven’t done a full program with Tony Horton (P90X3 isn’t a graduate program of the prior ones.  Anyone can do it) so I have to get used to his style of instruction.  The moves are all new and sometimes I have to pay more attention to the tv than I can to the move.  Next week will likely feel more intense than this week because I will have a week under my belt.

I started out with the Classic program – there are different schedules to choose from based on you and your goals, but classic is a great all around one so that’s what I chose!  I’m now on day 3, so I’ve done Total Synergistics and AgilityX and will do X3 Yoga today.  I will do write ups on the workouts as I get more comfortable with them.  So far, I’m not dreading doing them again, and I’m sore in odd places…using muscles that I hadn’t in a while I guess!

I decided not to start out with the X3 nutrition plan.  I’ve been doing well with the 21 Day Fix plan, so I’m sticking with it.  I worked out a formula to figure out losing weight with a more intense program (there are formulas for maintaining with 21 Day Fix and then more intense programs) so I’m trying that out.  The formula put me at the same calorie category for the X3 nutrition plan, so you could also take the calorie goal from X3 and use that bracket in the 21 Day Fix.  I’ll see how that works and switch if I think it will be best!

I didn’t do the fit test.  I plan to, maybe tonight.  I should have done it Saturday, but was so focused on the 10K that I didn’t think much past that!  I really want to.  When I did the Insanity fit test, it was a really good measuring tool!  I like measuring tools…especially ones that don’t involve the scale.

Time for X3 Yoga!  I’ll let you know how that goes.

What is your workout plan right now?

10K Recap

It’s done!  That’s all I’ve got.

I kid 🙂  I’ll tell you all about it.

Sunday was a great day for a run.  Overcast, a little windier than you might like, but a decent temperature (well, after the run I was freezing with the wind, but running was good).  So I woke up, did what I needed to do, and took off for the park.  But then I realized I forgot my bib!  So back home to get it I went.  Luckily, I’m only a few minutes from the race!  But that made me late for our meeting time, so when I parked, I started run number 1 of the day.  Off to find the LLS tent.  Only it wasn’t where I was told it would be.  I found a few others in purple and we found it together…with a call to another on the team!

My shirt-front.  I didn't take any of the back.

My shirt-front. I didn’t take any of the back.

We met up for some motivation with the other Team in Training groups and head out to the start line.  The start for this race is pretty far from any parking for the race.  We clocked it from where my husband parked (he ran the marathon) at over a mile.  Big activity day with all the racing and walking!

Pre-Race...Ready to go!

Pre-Race…Ready to go!

And then we were off!  The first mile went pretty fast, though it was our slowest run mile.  With so many people starting at once, it’s tough to make any speed at the beginning.  That’s fine though, better than giving it all in the beginning.  I could feel some pain in my leg, but it wasn’t terrible.  I just kept going.  It was good to have people with me.  I may have stopped to walk without them, and though that is fine, my goal was to run the whole thing for this one.  And I did.  Even kicked it up at the end!  I felt good cardio wise, but my leg wasn’t happy.

Post-Race with the bag of food they gave us all

Post-Race with the bag of food they gave us all

We made it back to the tent to check in and meet up with the baby and then went to cheer on some of our other runners and walkers.  It was so much fun to cheer loud for the others on our team, even those who trained in the other groups.  I eventually walked back to the car to get my change of clothes and get into something warmer.  The wind really made it feel cold!  Someone was tired from all her non-racing and took a nap for this.

Someone was sleepy!

Someone was sleepy!

We still had a while before my husband would be finishing the marathon so we had snacks and cheered on the other runners.  Lots of fun, though the horses were a distraction.  I guess horses are more fun than people you don’t know running.  We played a bit, watched a bit, and seemed to eat a lot!  At this point, my leg was hurting badly.  I hadn’t sat down in over 5 hours, over an hour of that running.  I meant to bring an ice pack, but it wouldn’t have mattered…can’t sit still with my little explorer!

Once my husband finished his race (great job hon!!) we headed to the car and went home.  I got some ice after a shower, but it was stolen.

A shirt for all!

A shirt for all!

It felt pretty bad, but a lot better yesterday morning.  I still have some pain, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to snap anymore.  I plan to still do some running, but this was likely my first and last 10K.  I’m so glad that I did it with Moms in Training…great cause, great group.  I’m not sure I would have made it otherwise!

Next Up!

Did you ask yourself yesterday what I plan to do after the 10K on Monday?  I started answering this question when I started training.  I was actually looking for something to do on my running off days, but never pulled the trigger on anything.  I wanted a schedule, but I didn’t feel up to developing one on my own.  I tried to see if I could handle adding running to another complete schedule, doing the 21 Day Fix workouts all days as well.  I think that lasted 3 days!  I just couldn’t manage double workouts regularly.

So I decided to wait and use what I had.  I got Les Mills Pump back from a friend who was borrowing it but was done.  I used a lot of those, some T25 workouts and of course some 21 Day Fix workouts as well.  Plus a little Piyo (home version releases in June!) and TurboFire (on sale this month!). I had fun with it, going with what I felt I needed each day and running 4 times most weeks.

But, with summer around the corner and wanting to still lose those last 10 baby pounds, I landed on P90X3 (also on sale this month!).  It’s another with short workouts (30 minute) and will be challenging!  I’m excited and will definitely be updating my journey here.  I also got some friends to join me…always more fun that way!

I'm not the only one getting ready!

I’m not the only one getting ready!

I plan to continue with the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan with P90X3.  I’ve got the tools and motivation!  I’m really excited to get started.  If you want to check it out, head over to the Challenge page and fill out the application.  I’ll get back to you and we can see what will work for YOU!

I mentioned them above, but here are your May challenge pack sales! TurboFire and P90X3!


May Cover

10K Training

My 10K is Sunday!!

I decided to run this 10K mostly because it was being done with Moms in Training (part of Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society…donate here if you like!) .  With them, you get a plan, coaches, a group to do the training and running with AND you help a great cause that is close to my heart.  So even though I wasn’t running much, I decided to take the plunge and go for it.

I’m so glad I did!  I had a lot of fun training.  I brought the baby to every weekend group run, and I think it would have been a lot more of a struggle without that appointment.  I’ll do the race without the stroller, so I should be golden (should…we’ll get to that!).

With her Moms in Training sunglasses!

With her Moms in Training sunglasses!

So, now my personal struggles.  About a week ago, I started to feel my ankle in one of my runs (backstory here).  Luckily, it didn’t bother me during Saturday’s long run.  So I’m mostly not running this week, especially since it’s so wet out.  I tried to run on Monday, but basically ran around the block.  I think I’m a 5K-er if anything from here out.  That’s okay with me though.  Plenty of exercise doesn’t bother it, so I’ll stick to my strengths.  And get back to the doctor for my overdue appointment!  The next Moms in Training run is a 5K, so I may still do that!

From Saturday's group run

From Saturday’s group run

And now, I’m sick 😦 Wasn’t I just sick?? I’m hoping to knock this out with some extra sleep and Shakeology…always makes me feel better!

No matter what, I’m going to cross that finish line Sunday.  Hopefully, I’ll run the whole thing, but even if I don’t, great journey getting there!

At our first group run

At our first group run