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Did you ask yourself yesterday what I plan to do after the 10K on Monday?  I started answering this question when I started training.  I was actually looking for something to do on my running off days, but never pulled the trigger on anything.  I wanted a schedule, but I didn’t feel up to developing one on my own.  I tried to see if I could handle adding running to another complete schedule, doing the 21 Day Fix workouts all days as well.  I think that lasted 3 days!  I just couldn’t manage double workouts regularly.

So I decided to wait and use what I had.  I got Les Mills Pump back from a friend who was borrowing it but was done.  I used a lot of those, some T25 workouts and of course some 21 Day Fix workouts as well.  Plus a little Piyo (home version releases in June!) and TurboFire (on sale this month!). I had fun with it, going with what I felt I needed each day and running 4 times most weeks.

But, with summer around the corner and wanting to still lose those last 10 baby pounds, I landed on P90X3 (also on sale this month!).  It’s another with short workouts (30 minute) and will be challenging!  I’m excited and will definitely be updating my journey here.  I also got some friends to join me…always more fun that way!

I'm not the only one getting ready!

I’m not the only one getting ready!

I plan to continue with the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan with P90X3.  I’ve got the tools and motivation!  I’m really excited to get started.  If you want to check it out, head over to the Challenge page and fill out the application.  I’ll get back to you and we can see what will work for YOU!

I mentioned them above, but here are your May challenge pack sales! TurboFire and P90X3!


May Cover

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