How often to exercise?

Some people think I’m a bit nutty for planning exercise on all days.  But hear me out.

I know when I have about 50 min to workout on Monday-Friday.  I find ways to plan for it on the weekends. Some days, it’s a little yoga (I don’t go hard every day!) and others it’s (literally) Insanity.  But making the time daily creates the habit that I need.  When first introducing exercise to your life, that habit is what you need to make the motivation last.  And now that I have the habit, I keep it going for a few other reasons.

  • How often do you need to skip a workout and it slips later and later in the day until you just can’t do it? If you plan to workout daily, this isn’t a huge deal.  You can call it a rest day, and move on to your next day.
  • It forces you to include active rest/stretching/yoga in your plan.  You can’t go crazy every day!  You’ll burn out, it isn’t good for your body and you’re ignoring flexibility training if you do.  Work that into the schedule.
  • I prefer to choose rest days if I take them.  When I planned out rest days, some days I didn’t need them, other days I had planned for I really did.  This lets me take the days when I feel it is needed for my body.
  • It keeps the habit!  I have been working out consistently (other than breaks for injury) for over 13 years.  Exercise helps me keep the motivation to eat well (usually!  Food is definitely harder for me)

I mentioned being injured…I recommend to friends that when they can’t workout for a time to use the time slot usually used for exercise for other healthy endeavors to keep the habit.  Once that time goes back into your day, it’s gone!  See…always about the habit 🙂

How often do you exercise?  Do you plan it out on a calendar or app?

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