Ready to apply?

I just added a new page, where you can apply to participate in my next challenge group.  What are challenge groups about?  Access to me at (almost) all times, daily pushes, a group to help keep you motivated and tips for healthy living.

Usually, I start up two groups a month, a large group doing a little extra arms, legs or abs and a smaller group of folks on a program.  This application is for these smaller groups becasue I only accept a few into each.  I like to keep those small so no one can fall through the cracks.  I have my next group planned for 4/28.  I also have  agroup for the 21 Day Fix that is always open!

If you want more information, or want to do a group while taking advantage of the April sales, fill out the application and we can chat!


Sizzling Summer Prep!

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