Sitting Still

I’m sitting still now after a busy busy day.  I packed the early part of today with activities we wanted to do…there was just too much going on today!  It worked out pretty well and we had a good time.

We packed chicken!

We packed chicken!

First (after packing 3 bags for the day!) was our Moms in Training group run (donate here!).   We did 50 minutes today and it felt good!  Most of my Saturday long runs are now “the longest run since I found out I was pregnant” as I ran 4 miles the day I found out and then it was two on a good day!  I did a 5K in there too, but I can’t remember if I ran the whole thing (I did come in with a better time than expected).  I had some quad pain during Friday’s run, so I was a little worried.  It did hurt a bit a little after, but was fine during.

Cool kid post run

Cool kid post run

After that, we went to the gym where I could shower while my sidekick played.  It was better located than home and I was able to be quick without a buddy.  I try to bring her to the gym child care pretty often to get her more used to it.  So this was a nice short visit where she had a good time.  After that, we swung by her school quickly.

Then was the big fun…an hour in traffic!  Just kidding.  But we did spend that long!  I started breaking lunch out of the bag while we were stopped.  We went to an Easter egg hunt where she held all the eggs she could.  Kids are cute.  It’s so fun watching them play.


Can you guess that nap time was next?  All this and we were home about 3.  I needed a nap just as much as she did!  But it was a great day, mostly outdoors, enjoying the nicest day in months!

Did you enjoy some nice weather today?  What was on your schedule?

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