Eating out on the 21 Day Fix

Apparently, I didn’t press the GO button last night.  So pretend it’s yesterday because now it actually IS Tuesday!

Happy Monday…I thought it was Tuesday for a moment!  I ate out tonight, so I figured I would write a bunch of the food I’ve eaten out on the 21 Day Fix.

The easiest for me is a salad, with bringing dressing and eyeballing the portions (or bring your containers of course!).  I get vegetables (usually 2 greens worth) and plain grilled chicken or fish.  Nice and easy 🙂

Next was sushi.  I usually do sushi with no rice, like a naruto roll.  Then I get a small salad with it, either with oil and vinegar or bringing my 21 Day Fix dressing.

If I have a yellow or two, I will get a sandwich with some sort of meat and mustard.  Or I’ll have some baked sweet potato fries with my salad.

For breakfast, it’s easy to find eggs or oatmeal, so that’s great.  And fruit is easy to find on the go.  I think that vegetables are the hardest on the go.  It’s kind of salad or carrots!

What are your on the go ideas?

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