Sunday Night!

I have found that there are two types of people…those who dread Sunday nights and those who look forward to them. I won’t go into which I am or why, but as I rock, rock, rock as the baby falls asleep in her crib, I’ll tell you about my evening.

I have things to do! I’ve been really slacking on meal prep lately, so tonight I have a list to tackle. Chicken is baked, quinoa is on warm in the rice cooker. Once I put those away, I have turkey burgers set for the oven and oatmeal going in the rice cooker. I also mixed up a spice blend and have packed the baby’s food for tomorrow.

I have a call with my super fun team tonight as well. I love getting together with them for the support and inspiration! I hope I’m done with dishes by then 🙂

I also have some internet and phone stuff to take care of, getting my lists ready for the week. Organization is my key to getting things done (if you didn’t know already). And lists, with checking things off, make me feel productive.

So here’s to a good Sunday night for all of you. May your food be prepped and your lists be checked off!

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