21 Day Fix Wrap Up

So, I finished the 21 Day Fix this week.  Final tally was a loss of 7 inches and almost 7 lbs, now almost 8 as of this morning!  To review, it took me over 11 months to lose the 7 prior.  So doing it in 21 days is amazing.

IMG_3447 IMG_3448

And not only that, I have made new habits, which is part of the point of the 21 days.  My biggest changes are breakfast – now eating less oatmeal and adding hard boiled eggs, and more vegetables.  I also have been doing a little more prep work, making chicken, eggs, fish, etc ahead of time.  It has taken less than 15 minutes of real work (hands on) some nights, not all nights.  That is completely doable for me!  It seemed like such a daunting task before, but when I actually did it, it wasn’t so bad.

I haven’t been continuing with the workouts as I am switching to 10K training and keeping up with the formats I plan to teach.  I want to include the Yoga Fix workout once a week or so as I do this because it was one of the best home yoga DVDs I have done.   When it comes to yoga at home, I want a quick workout that moves and gives me a good stretch.  Otherwise, I wont do it!  For me, doing yoga at home is really tough.  I prefer the class atmosphere.

The rest of the workouts will get used as well.  I love the pace, and the intensity is a good level to throw in with other programs – juuuust right.

So, who could benefit from the 21 Day Fix?  Almost anyone!  There is a modifier, and the workouts can be done by just about any fitness level.  The nutrition program is easy to follow and helps you make lasting changes.  I ate out several times and even that was pretty easy!

I’ve been slacking on the diet the past few days and still have lost about a pound. I haven’t eaten poorly, just not to the plan.  I’m going to recommit to it fully on Monday! More 21 days!  I can’t wait to see the results from another round.   This round, I was walking taller, feeling better in my clothes and just feeling good.  Love it!

Do you have questions for me?  I’d love to help!

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