Pilates Fix

Want to hear more about the 21 Day Fix Pilates Fix workout?  Watch all about it!

And in related news, the program is back in stock and you don’t need to preorder anymore…with 3 more days of the sale and free shipping!

I never got into how my hard boiled eggs in the oven went.  We’ll say poorly.  I had to toss 3 of the eggs because they were undercooked and the shells didn’t come off easily.  Maybe if I wanted to experiment with it, I could find the right parameters to make it work, but I think I’ll just boil for now!  I did my last batch with some baking soda in the water (to make them easier to peel) which has worked!  I plan to be back on a hard boiled egg habit even after the 21 days are up (well, I may be just doing another round too).  It’s been such a tasty and filling snack!

What are your favorite snacks?

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