21 Day Fix – Day 13

Since I missed yesterday, I’m going to try for two posts today. So here we go with post one!

I started the day with my 21 Day Fix workout (Dirty 30!), Shakeology and a walk with my girl.

Shakeology and workout DONE! Mommy baby walk time

Yesterday was rough…I’m not going to hold back and say I had a perfect day.  I’m far from perfect in general, but I’ve been trying to follow the 21 Day Fix to the letter for the three weeks.  I had some obstacles yesterday, but I think I navigated them well, if not perfect!  I had a bagel in the morning.  It was planned for, it was whole wheat, and I tracked it as my 2 yellows and moved on. Then I went to a baby sprinkle (yay!) with brunch food and cake.  I did my best, but I did have about 4 bites of cake.  So while cake is nowhere in the 21 Day Fix plan, I had a small amount and called it my other yellow and will include it in my weekly allowed treats.  So not perfect, but not overboard.  I enjoyed the cake I had, stayed away from some other poor choices I could have made, and then enjoyed a salmon salad for dinner.

Now, today is a new day and I still hope to remain perfect for the remainder of the 21 days.  This morning, I noticed something.  I have that feeling.  Do you know the one?  Some might call it being in the zone. It feels like I can more easily make good decisions and am starting to feel a healthy feeling inside and out.  I find that it’s more than being in the zone for me.  It feels like this is where it becomes a lifestyle change.  Where your choices feel more like your own than sticking to a plan.  Where you are actually enjoying moderation.  And where you feel like yes, you are in control, but no, you don’t need to exercise control because your choices are natural.

How are you feeling?  Are you there yet?

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