The night before…

What are your end of the weekend routines?  Is it a mad rush to prepare for the week or are you nice and relaxed to end it out?

For me, it isn’t too different from a regular weeknight.  The big difference is that I get out of the habit of prepping over the days off.  I play until the baby goes to sleep, then get on my list.  I have food to prep, new lists to make, more food to prep :), recipes to find, internetting to do…it goes on!  I have my NEED to do list and my WANT to do list.

Most nights, I get through my need list plus a bit of my want list.  Want lists basically need to get done eventually, but can be done now.  Tonight I got one of my want list items done…making these terrific muffins!  They were delicious.  I wish I had mini muffin pans that I could make it in.  I think that would be my only improvement!


What did you get done tonight?


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