Catching Up

Hi, I’m still here!  I feel like I do this post too often.  I apologize.  I want to do better but I know that isn’t meaningful.

One thing of note is that I try not to post fluff.  I don’t want to come here and say things just to say things!  Sometimes, I just don’t have much going on.  But today I do, so here you go!

We had a 3-day weekend!  Daycare was closed yesterday, my husband had off because that’s his schedule, and I took off.  Three days was lovely!  Even if I have a cranky teether all the time.

Friday was my last day of T25, so I took the weekend off of concentrated exercise.  We walked, did yoga and walked some more, but I didn’t put in a video, change into workout clothes (though my usual clothes are pretty close!) or pull out weights or a map.


I took my T25 after photos, but need to take measurements (yesterday) today, so I’ll post after that.  I will put up its own post, but I am happy with how it went and look forward to doing the program again….possibly with gamma too once I am in losing mode.

We had a little playdate that was fun.  I don’t get to see her play with the babies at daycare much…once I’m there, it’s time to hang with me!  It was a good time and we went home with some great new (to us) stuff!  Thank you again!

We started planning somebody’s birthday party too.  One month to go!   I can’t believe it has gone so fast.  It has been a crazy fun ride these 11 months!

I also got my next few challenge/accountability groups planned out.  I’m excited to be doing a Shakeology challenge next.  I haven’t done one since the beginning of the year.  I love sharing Shakeology with others because it makes me feel great.  If you’d like more info about that, comment or email me!



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