T25 Dynamic Core

The last of the T25 Beta phase workouts!  Dynamic Core is an ab workout with a slight cardio component.  The first half is standing.  I love standing ab work!  I feel like it really helps to teach you how you can work the abs better (and support your body better!) in daily life.

Then we move to the floor.  Most of it is difficult but doable…then you get to bicycles and v holds.  Oof!  It is the only time I remember seeing the people in the video struggling!  It is tough. But then it ends.  And you can modify or take a moment if needed, but if you pause always come back to try again!

The last move is a plank walk to squat pyramid (so plank walk, squat, plank walk, up to squat, to plank, to squat…increasing squats for each plank walk) and is a great end to the workout.  You’ll be counting down the seconds!

This uses a mat.  There is a little part that I have trouble with while down on the mat…there’s a sequence of side planks with other moves in as well.  You do a side plank, switch to something else, then go back to a side plank with toe taps forward and back, then more moves, THEN switch to the other side.  I’m always setting myself up wrong.  Not sure if that will help anyone!

What’s your favorite core workout?

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