T25 Rip’t Circuit

Our next T25 workout is Rip’t Circuit.  This one seems easier to me than Total Body Circuit from the alpha round, probably because of the weights.  I find that body weight exercises are more difficult for me than using weights.  You can’t adjust body weight!

The workout goes cardio, upper, lower, abs…repeat for 25 minutes.  You get an all over workout nice and quick.  It is quick paced, so be ready to move through the movements and not really take time switching…remember we are go go going in Focus T25.

Some non-cardio moves also raise the heart rate.  So you do get a good calorie burn, though it is lower than the cardio specific workouts.  There are a good amount of push ups, so I guess be warned!

The workout uses weights and a mat.  Not a Rip’t Circuit specific comment, but the T25 workouts don’t use much more space than 2 mats would.  Here’s a picture of the space I use (weights not pictured!)



I like this workout, but don’t have much to say about it.  If you have questions, ask away!

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